Tonight was amazing.

Unfolded in our sanctuary were sounds never before heard in that space.  The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth was in need of a concert venue.  Because the chair of the music department is soul kin from a past pastorate, she called to ask if Richfield would host their music department’s spring tour.

Host we did.  In the house were moms and dads and sisters and brothers and grandparents and church members.  Sharing music with us were vocal ensembles, a steel drum band, a hand drum ensemble and a drum line.

Amazing.  The director of the percussion ensembles made a comment about not being all too sure that a church sanctuary was the place for such reverberations.  It surely is.

The psalmists spoke often of how it is we are blessed to praise God with harp and timbrel and cymbal and praise God we did through the blessing of music spooled out by amazing young things.

I figure the echoes of this night will live in our sanctuary always.

Praise God, indeed.

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