making ready

One of the gifts of ministry is that I get to experience the same worship service many times.

I get to experience it as the scripture text leads me in the crafting of a service that will move it into hearts.  I get to experience it as I work with our communications person to create visuals that will move the message.  I get to experience it as I write sermons and then, I get to experience it in community as we worship together.

So, that being the case, I can tell you that Good Friday and Easter worship (my colleague is writing Maundy Thursday) has already run through my being and I am glad for their touch on my soul.  Utter devastation followed by blasting new life is a rhythm as old as our souls.  Lived through the being of Jesus it is beat-of-heart intimate and real, this proclamation of messy and tenacious love.

There is much to make ready for Holy Week.  My house is coated in the fur of cat and dog, my table cloths needful of ironing (but, my mom is coming and I will put that precise woman to goodly works!), and the list of things to do at church to make ready is endless.

But worship?  It is amazing, trust me.  Or don’t trust me.  Come and feel for yourselves!


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