If we want to have all our bases covered before we act, nothing exciting will happen. But if we dare to take a few crazy risks because God asks us to do so, many doors, which we didn’t even know existed, will be opened for us. Henri Nouwen

Crazy feels beguiling.  Maybe because it is spring, maybe because there is this sense around us that the budget woes of our nation are so big and the necessary communal heart to solve them so wanting.  Maybe it is because there has been a dash of crazy in my being always.

Crazy feels beguiling because being immobilized by a conviction that unless we have all things perfectly aligned we cannot act; that conviction is dead making.

I went to an international conference yesterday.  Through the wonders of video feed, I sat with a group of leaders of the UMC and together we wrestled with what it is that will create a sense of holy movement among us.  Like all other mainline denominations, we are stuck.  We are stuck in our wonderings about how it is a wildly good news movement of healing and hope has been stuck too long in buildings and protocols.  We were asked weigh in on what we believe will open the doors.

My hope is that we’ll get a little crazy.  My hope is that we will know the goodness of what we seek to share and get crazy in our willingness to share it in ways that will connect and my hope is that we’ll loose ourselves through the joy of living something alive.

I’m part of a church that is stirring with crazy.  We’re trying new things.  There are Vietnamese language classes going on every week, there are Al-Anon meetings and varieties of worship and honest connecting and pancake feastings and carnivals and what we are seeking to do is share the good news of a place dedicated to giving itself away.

Crazy is good.  God asks it of us.  I want more.



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