Being a pastor is crazy making work.  It’s true.

We exist, we pastor folk, to be in the midst of the community called church whilst being outside of the community called church.  We juggle many functions in our day and many of us love that variety and always-changing life.

And we’re oddities.  So it is really fun to gather with colleagues who understand the teeth gnash and the soul soar of ministry.  I meet once a month with a crew of folk I am proud to call friends and we swap stories and listen and share our care for each other and the movement that has meant our lives.

An article in USA Today speaks of the importance of attending church and having relationships within that church.  People are happier and better able to withstand the jolts of life when they have a sense of connection with others that is spiritual in its weaving.

I am blessed to be pastor to a church that provides that network of care for many, including their pastor, while it empowers outreach for many.  And, I am blessed to be pastor held by a network of clergy colleague friends who care for me and empower my ministry.

Friends matter.  They just do.

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