holy chaos

This is life tonight at church:

Over my head, children are ruckusing while practicing for the Christmas pageant in two weeks.  Energy is high high high and prayers for patience are deep deep deep.

The bell choir is learning “Fum, Fum, Fum” so their clangs and staggered melodies are making their way through the floor into my office.

In the fellowship hall there are pinatas being crafted by an intergenerational crew.  Strips of paper are soaked in gunk and rubbed onto balloons and the span of decades between participants seems to sweeten the air.

A meeting just broke up regarding the refurbished organ.  There are decisions to be made:  what kind of flooring, what kind of new carpet, what finish for the pipes, what, what, what?  We seek to come to greater wisdom by sharing around the table and we laugh plenty. 

There is a Disciple Bible Study group of 12 engaging with scripture and each other as they will for some thirty weeks to come.

And, tuning up in the sanctuary are the instrumentalists for the upcoming Lessons and Carols to be shared at 9:00 AM this Sunday during worship.

This is church.  It’s a holy sort of chaos.  Thanks be to God.

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