It is a fabulous day.  We have had a major snow dump and wind sweep and we’re socked in.  I love it.

Today we ventured out to get the necessaries for such a time.  We were out of coffee.  It was not fitting.  And, our  snow blower was broken and after many nursings was declared dead.

So off we went to the local hardware store to get a new snow blower and to the grocery store to get the goods of happy life.

We got stuck in our alley.  There was nothing to be done, since the snow was up higher than the bottom of our four wheel drive car and we were going nowhere.

So, out of the back of the station wagon came the new snow blower, and we blew out the alley in order to find our way to the garage.  It was a hoot.

Today has been spent nesting.  I’m not sure if there will be church tomorrow.  The big choir do scheduled for worship has been postponed to Epiphany Sunday.  If we do have church, it will be gentle and savored by the few who love the challenge of clomping through drifts to share survivor stories.

Living in Minnesota is so fine.  Sometimes the elements trump our best laid plans.  That works for me.

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