The gnarl is near constant:

How is it that we as followers of Jesus are grounded in the biblical vision of justice and to speak of such things is near blasphemy?

I hear almost weekly of those who boycott worship at church because of perceived “politics”.   They don’t want to hear so much about the growing and glaring inequity between the rich and poor.  They don’t want to hear about the teachings of Jesus that have to do with serving as societal corrective to the mad romp for power and privilege which seems to be our assumed due.  The cry of the earth and the inclusion of the outcast are voices to be muted whilst pew sitting since to speak of biblical vision is to collude with some sort of political conspiracy.

Oh.  When the voices of the prophets as sounded through scripture and throughout the ages are unwelcome in our sanctuaries, we are on rocky ground.

It is tightrope walk, this living of the gospel.  Nets we have, but the wobble of stepping out is real.  God grant us the courage for the living of these days.

2 thoughts on “stress

  1. “Politics” means “of the people.” Jesus’ ministry was “of the people.” The prophets were and are “of the people.” Only a vapid faith steers clear of working for and “of the people.” Jesus lives among with us during worship and in our lives, eager to see how we are being “of the people,” all people!

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