shadows on the wing

Bats make me nuts.  I know, God created them and they eat mosquitoes and they are worthy of respect and appreciation and they scare me near nuts.

I was on a solo visit to the cabin recently and deeply asleep when a scratchy sort of not-quite-right noise awakened me.  We have had problems with squirrels in the past, so I thought fierce and quick thoughts/prayers about my fervent desire that squirrels not share my bedchamber with me. 

I fumbled for the light, turned it on and swoop, over my head was nightmare on wings (for me).  In a low-ceilingned and small room was a bat, confused and scared and I went about nuts.

I ushered it out to the main room and slammed the door.  I put towels on the floor to block any possible entry and assured myself that the problem would keep until the light of day and turned off the light and darned if that bat didn’t reappear in the dark.  Twice. 

I bailed out and slept in the bunk house.  But that bat is with me yet. 

Shadows are.

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