woman strong

Seven church women went on a Boundary Waters Canoe Area pilgrimage. We range in age from 51 – 72. Some had never been to the northern place of mythical and real power. Some had been in the wilderness years ago but with aging and knee surgeries and the constant lap of “I can’t do it” self talk washing over consciousness, saying “yes” to the challenge took courage.

We loaded ourselves into three canoes. All that we needed for subsistence was packed into packs and over the waters we went to make camp and life together. The learning and growing and celebrations began even before the first paddle as each woman came to claim her desire to face fear and self imposed limitations.

Each woman portaged a canoe. Each woman “took the back”. Each woman gained a greater sense of her own ability to shoulder and carry and trust and laugh.

We are changed.

Isn’t that the way? We focus so often on limitations that are flat-out fiction and while we while away our days in the small of our scope, the loons are singing, the water dancing and the embrace of God inviting always always always to the celebration of our power and being.

Strong women we are, newly awakened and canoe-throwing fine.

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