wobbles and grace

There are those who say with all kinds of conviction that the teachings of Jesus have been so contorted that they can’t be named as relevant.

Not so.  It seems that everywhere I look in these days I see grace of the Holy kind.  The church is stirring.

We are stirring into our midst compassion, laughter, hope and courage.  The result is a community willing to be far from perfect, very human, and open to transformation.  We come together with the power of the Christ as our hub, and we trust that the wobbly of community living will not overtake us.

Given that headlines in these days are full of hate speak born of fear-incitement politicking, I breathe deep thanks for a community that seeks to live in a different way.  As the people of Jesus, we intentionally sniff for the Holy in each other, knowing it resides in us each, as well.  Hurled epitaphs break the Body.  We seek another way.

So, having a community where the Way is practiced is salvation for the hope-clingers in these days of rage-speak.  Mayhap we will take to the streets and share the power of another way.  It is time.

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