Here is how crazy making our world has become due to the constant stoking of fear.

I preached a sermon on Sunday using the highly subversive words “social justice”.  I made mention of Glenn Beck’s (Fox News) warning to good people of faith that if their church is using the term “social justice” they really are fronting for Nazis and Communists.  I took exception to the advice he had for followers in such churches to run for the doors and never come back.  It seemed to me, particularly on Palm Sunday when Jesus was clearly saying “no” to justice as practiced by Rome, that we ought celebrate the work of weaving justice in the way of Jesus.  Such justice is social in its very core.

What I am aware of is that the word “social” in our culture instantly morphs for some into the word “socialist”, the new cuss word du jour.  Instantly, some pew folk are whisked from a contemplation of the gospel into an internal defense against same.

In men’s Bible study this morning, we read together the text for Holy Thursday in which Jesus kneels at the feet of his disciples, takes their tired and dusty flesh into his hands, and offers grace and compassion.  The text ends with the reminder that our call as disciples is to love one another.

To love means to listen deeply to one another.  To love means to know our connection with the well-being of one another.  To love means to let go of the cudgels that fear would have us wield.

To love means doing the astoundingly hard work of living as disciples, one with the other, lest crucifixions continue.  It was fear that eventuated in the mangle of the cross.

Please God, let us live love.

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