favorite things

It’s scooter weather!  I rolled out my pink scooter yesterday and sniffed the wind like a dog as I zipped down the street.  There is life, and sound, and smell and the wind reached for me like a long-lost friend.

I’m visiting my daughter and her partner today.  The plane will deposit me in Denver where I will have three days of wandering streets and reading while Leah works, followed by adventures in the company of dearly beloveds.  Will I ever get over the wonder of being a mother crazy for her babies?  I hope not.

Retreat with 19 women from church is shimmering gift.  To make house together, to sing and to laugh and to open and to be in the company of sisters in faith who share the wild hope of being people of Jesus.  It is sometimes too much to take in, this beauty, but I did.  And I do.

And oh, I am full of hope that this issue of providing health care for all might be moving toward the practice of grace.  I read of the growing rancor between people so convinced that there is not enough to go around and so convinced that someone is trying to take from them what has been gained and I wonder how it is that the gospels can be reconciled with allowing the poor to fend for their (please keep them invisible) selves?

Until all are fed and known as kin, we will be a people bent-over by fear.  That is not one of my favorite things.

But it is spring, and love is, and celebrations await, and we are a people of hope, are we.

1 thought on “favorite things

  1. The joy of sharing and supporting one another through health care is long overdue.

    I, too, feel the shared burden of finding more, better and alternative ways to ensure all have what is needed and are able to be safe, secure and live with signficiance – in each their own way.

    In the arms of the Almighty, we all rest and find peace.

    Thanks for your thoughts – they continue to touch my heart.

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