morning coffee

It is sacramental:  Morning spent sharing coffee and conversation with heart people. 

My household has been peopled with usually far-flung children for almost two weeks now.  Blending families with three children per spousal unit means six young adults and their partners who are generous enough to carve out time over the holidays to touch base with their parents and siblings.  They come and go and bless.

Mornings have meant numerous pots of coffee and conversations rich in laughter and thought.  We are sleep-fuzzed and trust each other enough to clomp downstairs in the rumple that is rest.   Days passed are savored and the day to come planned and singing through the whole is the hum of gratitude.  We are together, we are warm and stilled and relaxed in the cocoon that is home.

Tomorrow my Denver daughter and her partner leave for the rich good that is their life there.  I cannot get over how her nearness affects me at a cellular level.  My whole being feels full of right and good when I can hear her voice and see her beauty.  The power of subconscious body celebration is so real.   And, blessing her on her way is my job as her mother.

The discipline is living the now.  And so I do.  Savoring coffee and love and being.

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