where else?

There are so many ways lives are poured out.  Watching the news from Haiti and imagining the want and fear that drench that land is almost overwhelming.  And, I am a part of a people sending prayers and aid over the water and that helps.

Working at our monthly food distribution (two bags of groceries given per person, no questions asked) I encounter volunteers who offer to come to this church and teach Spanish classes.  They are delighted to be asked, and generous in their response.  This will happen, this tutelage of mono linguists such as myself.  Barriers melt when relationships are tended.

I have been asked to speak at the state capitol on February 11th at the Freedom to Marry Day held by Outfront MN.  The rally seeks to name the injustice that exists when beloveds of the same gender are denied the right to marry.  I will speak, because as a person of faith I believe that injustice wounds all of creation and silence countenances the wounding.  As a part of this movement sparked by Jesus, speaking helps.

I sat on Saturday with a family who is returned from years of seeing the face of Christ in others in lands far from here.  They were willing to share their questions and their convictions and their story and I am moved yet by the sacrament of holy conversation. 

Where else can one such as I find such beauty?  There are people who want to be a part of healing and shaping and living into the promise of wholeness.  I am a part of their number and together what we do helps.  It surely helps me.

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