new year

My husband, daughter and daughter’s beloved are off on a grocery store mission.  Tonight, the men will take the kitchen and create gifts.  Football games and basketball games and comings and goings and wide open spaces make for the good of this day.

What I like about the feast to come is that each of us will contribute our own touch.  The kitchen will soon be chaos, the ribbing and jostling for space, mutterings about inferior knives (will I EVER have knives that are sharp?) and tools not deemed suitable to guest chefs will be thrown out and deflected.  And we will sit down to eat at a table ringed by the most beautiful faces in creation.

Me?  I am making mango salsa.  And then I am getting out of the way.

May the indrawn breath that is new year’s day bless and sustain.  May we trust the good we bring to all tables.  May we soak in the beauty and laugh and launch and live.

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