My dad said this about the thing called being a pastor: You get to love and be loved. 

And isn’t that life?  We get to love and be loved.


I spent some time today sharing coffee and sweet goodness with a couple married nearly 70 years.  They are experiencing the kinds of challenges that being tough just can’t vanquish.  And, just as they have done for nearly seven decades, they are doing it together.

We get to be in community with soul titans.  Life gets busy and we scurry about doing that which we have convinced ourselves is crucial and right before our very eyes and hearts lives a universe of glory found in the people God has given us to love.

We get to love and be loved.

Communion is.

1 thought on “tender

  1. Thank you for this gift of your heart that lives in your words, Elizabeth. Common Union, indeed–communion, marriage, conversation . . .
    Peace to You. Vonda

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