This morning as the sacrament of holy coffee was enjoyed, I was serenaded by a male cardinal.

Amazing grace, for sure.

Here is what I know:  Spring is a heart leap sometimes too wild to contain.

I’m not sure how to thank the cardinal for his song, but I suspect is has a lot to do with ensuring that the world is safe for such as he.

Sometimes we are plain foolish enough to forget to stop and gape in wonder at the world we are blessed to tend.  This organic thing that is alive and nurtures our souls and bodies ought be at the top of our reverence list.

Creation holds us each.  How in turn will we live in this world in order that cardinals sing to our great great grandchildren?

Noticing beauty is a first step.  Pausing to give thanks follows close behind.  And then?  Then we practice the teachings of our faith which have nothing to do with subduing but everything to do with encountering the earth as God’s Body (Sallie McFague’s naming of creation).

Thanks be to the Body.

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