circles of life

I spent the day with United Methodist clergy from throughout the state.

The goal?  The goal was to celebrate the powerful call we share.  We named our grinches and glories, and re-membered the sense of wonder and promise that is sharing the gospel.

It was flat-out fun as well as soul tonic.

Tonight, I got an email from a friend.  She wrote to tell me that for some reason over the past few days I had popped into her mind as she was in prayer.  She wrote to tell me that she had been praying for me.

Some times the slogging gets thick, doesn’t it?  We get bogged into a sense of the immense of what we seek to midwife, no matter what it is we are called to do.  Work commences, the days pass, and somewhere along the way the sacred juice that is joy gets  parched out of us.

And then we get reminded that we are blessed blessed blessed.  The circles of love that hold our hearts and lives are alive and vibrant and present, slog or no.




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