Some of the things I am grateful for…

A Thanksgiving feast enjoyed by five out of six children and two mothers.

My “missing” child off at a destination wedding (not hers, but a family friend’s of her beloved’s) in Vail, Colorado is in the company of a high school cabin friend.  Who knew?  The world weaves in amazing ways.

Being able to take my mom to church.  The building was empty, and there in the hush of that holy sanctuary space, I could share with her the story of our pipe organ and the ways the church community made beauty happen.

Lunch with my mom and my newly discovered cousin-friend and her kin.  You know how it goes.  Sometimes the people closest via blood aren’t discovered as heart kindred until later in life.  So it has been.

Quiet.  After the orchestration of a mega meal and the hospitality that goes with it, the chance to sit on the couch is gift.

A mother in law who calls in the morning to be sure I read a guest editorial written about the heart-hurt experienced by same-gender loving people who cannot marry.  Last night at the dinner table she challenged us to become knowledgeable and speak up about human trafficking and the upcoming marriage amendment.  She is 89.  Who will be a witness?  Grace Wiggen, that’s who.

Love.  Cooper’s youngest is marrying next summer.  I got a peek at her dress (modern technology is our friend) and the planning is thick.  She is so excited to share life with her guy.  This is good.

More love.  Yesterday twenty-some people gathered around tables and shared a Thanksgiving feast at church.  I wasn’t there, but throughout the day I was aware that the warmth of gratitude and love was being shared by church kin and it moves me, this knitting of people.

Wonder.  Love is grand.  Gratitude is.  And Sunday?  Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent.  It will be powerful to gather in the hush of candle lighting.  To gather, and to continue this giving of thanks for the gift we know to be real but experience in fleeting ways:  the peace of the Christ.  God with us.  Emmanuel.





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