Oh, freedom

New York!

Waking this morning to the newspaper’s announcement that the state of New York has made same-gender marriage legal was a heart-whoop for me.  As Minneapolis and other cities are celebrating Gay Pride, I am filled with hope that fullness of communal life is possible for all of God’s children.

One of this morning’s activities for me was writing a newsletter article explaining to my church the reasons why I signed a petition that puts me in opposition to the UM stance on gay marriage (according to our polity, our pastors aren’t supposed to officiate at same-sex marriage services).  It seems surreal to have to explain that grace is boundless.

After the marriage amendment foolishness is defeated in God’s country (that would be Minnesota) the heart-whoops will be a constant and communally felt.  And the United Methodist Church?  The Spirit is a powerful force for hope and healing.  Fear cannot withstand Holy unbinding.

I’m readying myself for 12 whole days of vacation at the cabin.  I am discerning which books to pack (who cares about clothes; it’s the books that take precedence!). I am imagining quiet and water and time with my beloved and sun and space in which to fully know myself to be creature in God’s creation.  Climbing into that log womb gives me new life. Morning coffee on the dock is holy communion.  The swirl of life subsides and in the stillness the Holy speaks.

So, hope is real, rest is in the offing and I’m taking off my shoes and grateful to stand on the holy ground that is my life.

Oh freedom, indeed.



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