heart to heart

Sometimes the beauty we find one with the other is too much to take in.

This day is one of those times.  Hearts were open; both giving and receiving through the dance of wisdom and good-swapping that is living in community.

In her book “Leaving Church” Barbara Brown Taylor relates a learning she had as she was nearing the end of her tenure as a local church pastor.  She writes of being at a social event surrounded by church members.  Knowing as she does that she is soon to morph out of the wildly odd role of parish minister, she finds herself interacting with people at the gathering in a wholly different way.  No more are they a part of the clamor and hue that can often accompany interaction with church folk.  Instead, she finds herself marveling at how fine it is to interact and be with people both interesting and connected with her life and the life of creation.

Her tale was cautionary for me.  Since reading it I have sought often to mindfully stop the race of my mind and open myself to the now of the Christ in those around me.

Today the Christ was legion.  It seemed that each person I encountered had a heart for the dance of life and a willingness to reflect upon it.

After days of such shine, I am troubled not at all by the hand-wringing so often present in our thinking about the future of “church”.

Church is.  Church is found in the hallowed joining of heart to heart. In those places we are told the Christ is present.

I believe it.


1 thought on “heart to heart

  1. That Christ would be present with us in church – what wonder. No need for hand-wringing in the presence of Christ!

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