I want to give a shout out about spiritual direction.

We have two spiritual directors “in residence” at Richfield UMC.  The Rev. Ruth Phelps and the Rev. Jim Dodge are both retired clergy trained in the fine holy art of being present with people as they seek to listen to the Holy with  the ear of their heart.

Spiritual direction is not therapy as we usually think of it.  Often when we see therapists, there is some sort of diagnosable issue we want help understanding.  Often we go to therapists to deal with what we perceive to be a malady.  Thankfully, therapists are fabulous gift in our seeking self understanding and healing.

Spiritual direction is a practice that affirms the holy that speaks and walks and moves through us each.  When we meet with a spiritual director, we bring the dense gifting (on good days we can call it that!) that is our life, and we sit with a companion who encourages us to listen deeply to what it is God would have us know about our selves and our being.  As any good mental health practitioner, they know they don’t have the answers, but that having a deeply listening conversation partner helps us come to know our own wisdom.  They are soul midwives.

I have found that navigating life as pastor, woman, and seeking child of God, is made infinitely more grace-filled with the Spirit gift of a spiritual director in my life.  I have been blessed by spending time monthly in a space and time set apart for holy listening.  There is no judgement or agenda beyond knowing my unfolding as sacred birthing.

Jim and Ruth are present in our church to provide spiritual direction for anyone needful of a good listen.  You can contact them by email (their email and contact info is on the back of our bulletin) or by getting their phone number through the church office (612-861-6086).

God longs for us to bring to life the fine holy gift of our being.  It’s good to have birthing coaches in our midst.


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