story line

Yesterday I did a wildly unusual thing:  I cooked.

One of our kids was coming through.  She has the great good sense to be a vegetarian.  We don’t speak vegetarianism as a first culinary language at my house, so I wanted to have plenty on hand to welcome her home with.

I stuffed peppers, pureed soup, grated carrots, and walk yet with the smell of minced garlic on my hands.  It felt good to provide edible love for one of my loves.

And then the best feast of all: conversation and catching up with her and with Cooper’s good buddy from Brooklyn, New York.  We sat around a Scrabble board sharing stories and reflections about life as we sipped tea and shared imaginative maybe-I-can-score words (Cooper is outrageous in this regard) and laughter.  The dance that is great conversation was so fine last night.  It is grace to like the companions found along the journey that is life.

What I like about the people gathered:  Liz, Romer, Cooper, and Rachel, is the awareness that life is a constant unfolding and there is so much yet to be understood, explored, and taken in.  We share our questions and our leanings, the discoveries we have made since last we sat at table, and the discoveries we seek to give our energies to as we live into our futures.

There is unspoken alliance between soul kin, don’t you think?  There is a sense that we breathe with each other as honesty, courage and unfolding are embraced.  We can’t do each other’s work.  But we can cheer each other on and believe in the power of goodness that is.

We like each other.  Even if I won at Scrabble, we like each other.

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