Tonight is amazing.  I have no meetings to go to.  What this means is that I get to eat dinner with my guy.

It also means that I’m aware that this ability to dine with family is a rare thing.  Given that most folk don’t do church all hours of the day, evening meetings are a must.  But not tonight!

Blended into the joy of supping with kin is a meeting I went to today.  A group of Richfield clergy gather monthly to build relationships, pray for each other, and discern how we can bring the voice of faith into the living our our city’s days.

I’m excited by the energy and heart around the table.  We are blessed with faith heritage that calls us to build communities grounded on the justice and compassion vision of our God.  Learning together how we can be any darn use in our city is powerful and necessary work.  We’re doing it.

So tonight, as I savor time over dinner with my guy, I savor the power of being a part of the movement of salt and light that is Christian discipleship.  As Eugene Peterson paraphrases the salt and light portion of the Sermon on the Mount, we are called to live in such a way that we bring out the God flavors of the world.

Delicious, this discipleship.

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