not yet

The men’s bible study at our church is reading Abraham by Bruce Feiler.  It’s an exploration of Abraham, the common patriarch of religions that could use more reminding of our common roots:  Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

One of the great nuggets unpacked in today’s reading is this:  Abraham didn’t even hit the scene until he was 75 years old.  Prior to that, he was that most-to-be-pitied men of his age: He was childless, without heirs, a non-creator in a faith story all about creation.

Imagine it.  Going about our days and making meaning and life and feeling pretty swell (or not) about that and then, at an age when we might be forgiven for figuring we are out of the game, God shows up with invitation.

Leave it all.  Set out.  Trust me.  I’ve got work aplenty for you.  You haven’t seen anything yet.  See those stars overhead?  They will forever more be sign of your willingness to partner with me.

I like this God who is never done with us.  I like the sense that never are we without the ability to participate in creating new life.  I like the sense that no one is out of the game and that God calls each to follow, to move into the unknown, to trust.

The stars twinkle and the call to holy partnership is. 

Living in the “not yet” is soul stretching promise.

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