It is a time of transitions. 

Entering homes where graduation parties are being given for babies soon to launch into lives sans parental oversight moves me.  Walls are given over to shrines following the lives of the graduates.  They shine from the arms of their parents as babies and then suddenly they are gowned and capped and surrounded at grad parties by the people who have prayed and loved and blessed them into launch-able state.  The tenderness of it all is exquisite.

I sat with friends today.  They are much in love and he is nearing death and we spoke of it; the time approaching when clasped hands by day and warm of flesh at night will be no more.  I scarce can take it in, the raw grief and tenderness of this time.  How to say thank you:  for love, for friendship, for life, for wonder at this thing called living?

After renting out my cabin for nearly two years, I walked through it today as the renter is leaving.  I will sleep there, held by those log walls and the whisper of decades of family holding, on Thursday night.  I can feel my body moving toward being in contact once again with that space, that air, that cocoon of sanctuary and I am wonderfulled.  Relationship with place matters.  The walls that held my childhood summers, my father’s living and my children’s play will again be place of soul nestle.  Reunion is sweet.

Life goes so quickly.  Always it is changing, transitioning and unfolding and I pray blessing over graduates and their families and I pray blessing over Candace and Loren and I pray blessing over the wood and stone and heart that is sacred space and I pray awareness, please, for the amazing grace that is life.

1 thought on “transitions

  1. So glad you have returned to your cabin. Re-membering is bitter-sweet — more sweet these days I hope for you. Blessing and gratitude to you, my friend.

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