so different

Bishop Desmond Tutu said this:

“Unless we work assiduously so that all of God’s children, our brothers and sisters, members of one human family, all will enjoy basic human rights, the right to a fulfilled life, the right of movement, the freedom to be fully human, within a humanity measured by nothing less than the humanity of Jesus Christ Himself, then we are on the road inexorably to self-destruction, we are not far from global suicide – and yet it could be so different.”

Would that Pentecost be unleashed by the people of Jesus.  Would that we found a way to stop sniping at each other and instead saw the Holy in all.  Would that we let go of fear and opened to possibility.  Would that the church be grace and light, joy and delight; affirming the unique shine of each.

Why are the people of Jesus so shuttered and closed?  We know the Way.  Would that we lived it.

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