in it

Living in the city is hard for me.

So, I bought a scooter.  A Barbie pink one.  It is a 50 cc which means I can go up to 45 mph, it gets 80 – 100 miles per gallon, and it has made me giddy.

Now upon waking, one of my first thoughts is whether or not it’s a “scooter day”.  Now, I plot out routes across town that are back road beautiful.  Now, I am delighted to run errands and tend to tasks that require travel because I get to feel the wind in my face and I love it.

I was twelve or so when I first got bit by the mini bike bug.  A friend had one and I remember loving the adventure of putting along trails with it.  I have toyed for years with the temptation to get a motorcycle, but as a mom and as an ever-aging woman-aware-of-vulnerability I wasn’t too keen on high speed and long distance power.

But scooters, well, that’s a whole different thing.  They began appearing before my eyes everywhere and each time I saw one my heart did a lurchy kind of call out to it and when I had run out of the necessary restraints that kept me from plunking down my money for such a one-person toy, I entered a store and there is was:  not the classy red that I had thought to call my own, but a shocking pink one that was priced to sell (imagine, pink as a hard color to move off the floor!).

Fall is fabulous on a scooter.  The smells and the warmth of the sun, the quality of light and the right-in-your-face beauty of flowers and trees and children waiting for school busses is breathed right in. 

I’m in it:  life and living.

1 thought on “in it

  1. Elizabeth, I was sending an e-mail to my cousin Jenny in Omaha(she was my matron of honor) and all of a sudden the message I had written disappeared and something appeared on my screen that said e-thoughts. I have no idea what key I pressed to loose my message and to find your e-thoughts. Anyway, glad I did whatever I did.

    At FUMC on Sunday we were asked to remember those people who had a role in forming our spiritual /Christian identity. Yours was among the faces of the people that came to my mind. I will always remember the first time Chris took me to FUMC and you did the service. This Catholic girl was inspired, welcomed, and warmed by your presence on the altar and by your enthusiasm for the Word of God!! I remember thinking that the Catholics have alot to learn about putting women on the altar.

    I also remember how willing you were to be my plan B! I will also remember the words you said to me when I explained the situation I found myself in, in love with the most wonderful man who had been widowed and then divorced. Marrying in the Catholic Church was not possible without an annulment. It seemed like you harldy knew me, yet you looked into my eyes and my soul, and said ” Woman, your spirituality shines through you” and you agreed to marry us if we needed a plan B.

    And then you came back to town for our wedding and to insure that our marriage was blessed by God!1 My family still talks about what a wonderful service we had, thanks to you!!

    I just want to thank you for your presence in my life and on my journey. I have been happily married now for over 6 years, and I wouldn’t change a thing I did to make this possible. Thanks for noticing that this Catholic girl, who was willing to think outside the box, needed you at that crucial time in her life….and now I read you are riding a Barbie Doll pink scooter….you go girl!!! stay safe and be sure you wear a helmet.

    In friendship,

    Jeanne Devaney Carroll

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