to life!

Yesterday’s text from Ephesians had to do with joining together to create hymns and songs of gratitude.  Making celebration in concert with all that is is spiritual bread for the journey that is life.

This morning is the first of my 52nd year of life.  Involved in the oh so vital decision- making about getting out of bed for that first cup of coffee, I received a sung gift.  A loon flew over my urban house.   The first call I heard seemed like it couldn’t be:  the singing out of my favorite bird, a spirit animal I have long associated with a father who died way too early and suddenly fourteen years ago.  Loons live on the lake at my cabin and in the north land that still is home place and in the midst of not being there, an emissary appeared.

Four times it called out.  In its song was life and remembrance and proclamation and the weaving of the shine that is creation. 

Happy birthday to me.

2 thoughts on “to life!

  1. oh, how cool!!!

    one night this summer, about 2 a.m. (yes i have weird hours), i heard a loon out on the big lake from our house in lakeside. we are about four blocks from the lake. it was so quiet at that time of night. i heard the long oooooh sound, and i thought, that CAN’T be a loon, can it?!?! and then that wild laugh! i was so thrilled! it was magic.

    hope you had a great b-day!

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