earth praises

It’s Earth Day.  Today on the calendar, anyway.  But the reverence and mindfulness meant to surface on this day toward the gift of the cosmos must become so much a part of our being that we know each day to be Earth Day.

On this day we stop and give thanks –

For the places in our childhood that taught us awe and holding:  the lap of trees and the loft of sitting above the ground in the midst of the music of leaves.  The lakes that taught us to trust their hold as we relaxed and learned to float.  The mud crafted into pies and cakes and flung.  The stars singing a song of belonging to a child flat on back in the midst of the awesome “what is”.

For the places in our adult life where we are reminded that God’s artistry is life blood:  the cabins, the woods, the tree buds that promise that winter will leave for a time, the smell of growing and green and its partner the decay and crisp of fall.

For the awareness that all that is has been wrought from the imagination and heart of God and we are witnesses to the fragile and precious gift that is creation.

May we tend it with reverence.  May we tend it with gratitude.  May we breathe with our creator the breath of life upon this world.

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