heart stuffs

In the flurry of life it’s easy to loose your heart wisdom; the kind of wisdom that reminds you that good friends are without price.

I spent Sunday night in the company of two women who have long been beloveds.  We have been busy, we three.  Two of them run their own businesses:  one a yoga studio and one an elder relocation service (hands on help for elders as they move from one home to another).  And me, well, I do the dance that is ministry.  Between us we have eight children and four grandchildren.  There are partners and there are consulting gigs and for one a recently published book and for another, a nationally published article (that would be me). 

We haven’t been together for three years.  It got to be known that this was near criminal, so we met in a retreat center where we had time and space and trees and stars and no agenda beyond hearing each other’s hearts and holding same.

I am blessed.  I am blessed to be connected to women who know and hold me and who allow me to know and hold them.  I am blessed by the awe I feel at their beauty.  I am blessed by the ways they are woven threads of grace in my life.  I am blessed by deep laughter and free tears and breathing the same air with them – no matter how far the miles may separate us.

We all breathe.  And the blessings are.

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