Favorite Things

Summer gives the gift of pause.

Two weeks ago, with a whole week of vacation to savor, I headed for the cabin with my beloved and a stack of books.  Our cabin has been homecoming place for over 40 years.  Each time I am there I know the song of my family and feel the holding that has been and is in the logs that grace the walls.

There was time to play and to be.  Woven into our week were the comings and goings of dear ones – not too much, but just enough to remind us of how very people rich we are.

 I spent two hours on the end of the dock with one of my dearest friends, talking about our lives and our hearts.  For almost the whole time, we felt the power of the sentinel who had taken up his place in the white pine 30 feet from us.  A bald eagle, content to survey the dance of the water from his perch in the pine sat as reminder that life need not always be about the hunt.  Sometimes, just sitting and witnessing the play of creation is enough.

And it was.  And it is.

I hope that your summer has the gift of pause in it:  The sun, the sweetness of hearts and time unbound and unscripted.  The wonder of breath.