For a time

When the world was distanced and afraid during the pandemic, the church I served began a nightly prayer service.

Twenty minutes of nightly connection, prayer, scripture and poetry wove us together in the midst of the great sense of distance provoked by the pandemic. It was a shared ministry in all respects – leadership and prayer-ship.

After leaving that church I continued a weekly practice of connecting via the twenty minute prayer service; this time in the morning.

After retiring I continued the weekly practice.

Now, I find myself needing to step away.

Retirement is – for me – a deeply challenging time of turning to face identity and place. My concern is that continuation of a public practice begun during a needful time is somehow forestalling some turning, facing, assessing and learning that is mine to do in this needful time of my life.

I will end the prayer practice for a time.

The weekly reminder of shared community in Christ has been sustaining grace for my soul.

You bless me and you bless the world given you to love. Thank you for the many ways your souls have companioned my own.

We remain connected to all that is Holy, which includes us, each and all.


1 thought on “For a time

  1. Thank you for this. Mary Ellen mentioned your weekly prayer videos last Sunday and I said I thought you would not be continuing as you spend well-deserved time with family. You look so joyful in the photos you share on Facebook. I sorely miss your presence among us but understand your need for some peace. You have been a blessing in my life.

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