O Come O Come

In church on Sunday we sang words that felt like prayer and plea:

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

Surely in these days we long to be reminded that Emmanuel is:  God is with us.

We are freshly up from Thanksgiving tables.  We read newspapers and wonder about who and how we are in this world.  We think about how we will ready our hearts for the big hurrah that is Christmas.  There is no snow nor freeze in the northland and it makes for a sense of wobble in these days of Advent.  There are many things that command our attention and worry our beings and the prayer goes up:

O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

It’s a worthy prayer.

Perhaps these days of Advent might be a noticing and naming of how we live “God with us” in the now.

Grace is so real.

Perhaps these Advent days of readying ourselves might be spent sniffing the wind for hope.

The Word became flesh, and flesh it remains.

Where is it you experience Emmanuel, God with you?

How will you call it home?



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