A new year dawns.

My beloved has left on a jet plane. He is Hawaii bound. He will join his two older sisters for a sacred time of sharing breath and paying homage to the odd and powerful mystery of kinship.

Cooper’s eldest sister is dying. There have been years of silence and wrangle and now, now the time for transcending hurt has come.

It seems fitting, somehow. In the midst of paradise three people of soul and story will open themselves to the ache of the old and the invitation of the new and their vulnerable courage will free them each.

We are called to such freedom. The compassionate heart of the Christ calls us to such freedom.

A new year dawns.

We are the vulnerable and courageous and life is so very short.

May the time of transcending hurt come to us each.

2 thoughts on “pilgrimage

  1. E,
    This weekend I go to Virginia to meet my birth father’s two children that I have never met. A local Episcopal priest I don’t know is letting us use his Bride’s room for a private meeting. Your words – always so beautiful and eloquent – speak to my journey for this year.

  2. Oh Sally, blessings on your journey. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks for your words and the beauty you lend creation. e

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