in a name

At the hospital where son Jameson stayed, there was a white board.

On the white board there was a spot for writing the names of contact people for the patient.

In said spot for said son, there were three names written, each with a different last name.

What’s in a name?

While going through the shatter that is divorce, it feels like the word “family” will be forever grief soaked. The days of assumed roles and relationships are forevermore gone. There is a deep sense of loss in that. The “who are we now?” is question near desperate for answer.

And, resurrection is real.

Those three last names? They represent a dad and a mom and a step-father committed to the body-soul-mind health of our beloved. Those three last names represent a tribe of people who are committed to companioning each other through love and life.

Three last names represent family in all of its complex stunning foibled power.

What’s in a name (s)?

Family. Our family.

Our answer.

4 thoughts on “in a name

  1. Elizabeth,
    What a beautiful tribute to family, in all its forms, and with all its foibles. Our thoughts and prayers go to you, Cooper and Jameson. Pelicula es dulce! (The Macaulay Clan motto)).

  2. Deeply rich, as usual, Bitsy. Grief isn’t a word that occurs to me. Deep joy at the beautiful, remarkable children who came from these unions is what I keep noticing….along with how remarkably wonderful each one of us is as their parents. We all keep going, striving to be all we are. Life is grand.

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