signs and wonders

The seminary that held and stretched me as I trained for ministry has a giving opportunity that is providing me challenge and grace.

Said seminary was also the place where my pastor father served as adjunct faculty for a time.  United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities sent into my growing-up church and life long-ago seminary interns that are kindred yet.

United Theological Seminary is a place of life-change for me and for so many.

The seminary is offering the purchase of paving stones to complete a stunning chapel that now radiates grace on its campus.  On the paving stones the donor may inscribe names and words of gratitude and witness.

I will purchase one to name my father.  I am hungry for a place where his name will be made permanent; trod upon by those seeking ground.

When we were in Ireland this past fall, Cooper and I were moved by the power of memorial.  We spent silent and powerful time beside the graves of people who made life so very long ago.  To read their gravestones and wonder about their stories made us aware that we too will be in that number.

What do we want, we who are living?  What do we want for others to remember as they pause and remember our being?

How can I speak in five lines or so the quirky power of my father?  What words can name his witness and the snargle and shine of his remarkable life?

It is a powerful question.

For now, I am paying attention.  I am paying attention to the deep longing that calls me to this witness.  My father lived.  He lived and touched and blessed and provoked.  His witness spools yet.

I trust that the words will come.

In the meantime, I savor the assignment.

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