I have a pink scooter that jingles my bells.

Half the fun of it is that I have never been “that kind” of girl:  the kind drawn to Barbie pink.  So, when it became clear to my children on the shopping trip for said scooter that their mom was going to buy such a thing, the edict was clear and quickly delivered:  I was NOT to buy a pink helmet.

Instead, I bought a lovely sea-foam green protective device.  It’s a great combo.

Today, while scootering home for a break I was playing tag with a bicyclist.  We would alternate leading until we found ourselves waiting side by side for a light to change.

He leaned over and complimented me on the way my helmet and the top I had on complimented each other.  And then we were off.

Such a silly small goofy thing, but I have been grinning ever since.

So often we don’t take the time or summon the courage to speak kindness to each other; stranger or comrade.  We are sparks of Holy possibility.  Sometimes the sparks find air.

Today I am reminded of the power of appreciation.

I figure it is worth passing on.


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