gloria steinem!

I was in a room tonight with Gloria Steinem.

There were hundreds who gathered in St Louis Park to hear her speak about Feminism as the longest revolution.  

“Tell the truth, and discover in the telling that you are not alone in that truth.”

“Infuse everything you do with the values you want to see realized.”

What was shared in the room full of hopeful and committed hearts was the conviction that the world longs for a better way of living in community.  It can be brought into being, this way of living that honors differences and seeks the fullness of life for all.

It will be done through deep listening and a sense of reverence for the power that is our ability to see the sacred in all.

“The means are the ends.”

What was shared was a sense of compassion for all – men and women alike – who have been mangled by a “power over” way of living in community.  It just doesn’t work.  We know this to be true.

Instead, conversation by conversation, living the vision as we seek to birth the vision, we have the opportunity to live into a more fulsome way for all genders.

I want that for my daughters and for my son.  I want that for the tender promise that is the future.

I want that for all.  

Now would be good.



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