heart web

I witness beauty on a daily basis.

Lately I have been moved by the ways people are beauty, one for the other.

I sit at table with a group of men every Wednesday morning for bible study.  Some of them walk to get to church.  Others are dropped off by their wives, because they are no longer able to drive.  One man comes to bible study because every week his church friend comes to pick him up.  The man who is picked up is 93.  The man who picks him up is 91. Every Wednesday they come to drink coffee and swap one-liners and prayers.

Without a ride to church, one of our number would not be able to share in community.

Kindness matters.

I watch people reach out for squirmy babies.  I watch people listen attentively.  I watch people bite their tongues when a retort would feel lovely.  I watch people quiet themselves in the presence of people they trust and feel safe with.  It is like watching flowers unfold in order to soak in sunlight.

I am in the midst of these ministers.  Daily I witness grace.

The ways we live kindness bears witness to our faith convictions in ways no words can voice.

I’m grateful to be in community where hearts are woven into a web of care and compassion.

Daily I witness beauty.

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