We walk in Christmas.

We carry in our bodies the presence of Christmas past.  In us are the sloppy kisses of our grandfathers and the amped-up wonder of Christmas morning and the candle glow of decades of “Silent Night” singing.  These are gifts, these body knowings.

We carry too the questions and disappointments of the years.  When was it Santa became parental?  How did we negotiate the sharing of time when new life was grafted into old?  After deaths and the death that is divorce, how was Christmas negotiated and how would hearts ever ease again?  These questions we carry with us always.  Our bodies remember.

And, our bodies know in some deep and wise place that Christmas does indeed walk with us always; that is, the Word became flesh and it indeed dwells among us and through us and with us no matter where it is we find ourselves.

How do we live Christmas?

Mindfully, is my prayer.  As I enter this day before Christmas, imagining the two services of worship to come and the meal shared with family, I pray that my own awareness of the candle glow of the Christ within and with me will light my way.

And, I pray for the wisdom to allow that light of the Christ to light my life.

Merry Christmas, beloveds.  You have blessed me and the others with whom you share light and love.

Merry Christmas.

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