sweetest of days

There are days that give and give.

Wednesdays in the life of most pastors are near marathons.  We engage just about every facet of ministry that is engage-able.  And while the pouring out is real, the pouring in is profound.

Yesterday, I began my Wednesday as I always do.  At eight, a group of men wise and willing to engage gather around a table and chew on the Word.  We are currently studying the book of Isaiah.  “Study” is a one-dimensional word that isn’t quite accurate.  We are letting Isaiah challenge and bless.  The poetry is exquisite and the summons to just living clear.  The text prompts conversation topics wide-ranging and provocative.  This is good.

Following that, I was able to meet with a top-notch group of leaders.  We’re seeking a comprehensive look at how to tweak ministry.  It is so good to have hearts engaged around a common call.

Cooper and I were fed delicious food and fine conversation at a lunch with parishioners.  Jesus was on to something:  sitting at table together makes for powerful community.

I prepped for an evening class and then was off to meet with three others to craft a long overdue curriculum for the Annual Conference about how it is we have much to learn about the ways of poverty and its eradication.  It’s important and good work, this seeking to move upstream and stop the carnage that is want.

Back at church, students from the Hennepin County school of culinary arts were cooking up dinner (really, it’s the most amazing deal in town).  We sat down to a feast, and then adjourned for a class about Wesley and this thing called “grace”.  Reading Wesley’s own words around the table is powerful reminder that we are grounded in a heart full theology.

And then, full of gratitude for an engaged class and day, I arrived home to all three children in the house!  They were doing what they do:  making dinner, checking email, bouncing off each other and Cooper.  We settled into a movie and I savored the sweet hum of gratitude that sounds in me whenever I am snuggled in with my beloveds.

All in all, it was the sweetest of days.



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