moment by moment

It was one of those cherished oasis times in the midst of much.

Cooper and I were sharing coffee this morning.  Around us was the detritus of young adults moving out – Rachel today and Jameson tomorrow.  It was a breathing time.

Until I let the dog in and she was going nuts.  She kept trying to get out of her own skin and she took her misery into the living room where Cooper was sitting.  At first I thought she had gotten into a wildly improbable patch of burrs.  I couldn’t figure it.

And then I realized she was covered in angry hornets.  Twenty or more of them.  Bedeviling her for all they were worth and can I just say this:  Cooper is deathly allergic to hornet stings.

So there we were, this trio of the consumed.  Zoe was consumed by misery, Cooper consumed by the desire to help and the desire to flee, both, and I was consumed by the need to protect my beloveds from the terror of the angry hornets.

I shooed Zoe out into the yard again, figuring it would buy me some time to be sure that Cooper was not stung.  The hornet killing commenced inside but oh, when I looked at my sweet girl she was again covered with even more of the hornets.

I tried swatting them off of her but they turned their anger on me and were not too interested in leaving their fur hostess, so I got out the hose and even then they would not let go so it was a drench and pluck technique adopted by this pajama-wearing mama.

After a trip to the vet and a shot of Benedryl, Zoe is fine, I hope.  I’m to watch for hives.  An exterminator is even now at the house dousing that nest of death with move-out enticements.

But oh, the agony of it all.  Into the midst of the idyllic, misery can swarm in and deal terror.  My beloveds are safe on this morning.  I can laugh at the tableau of a dancing woman in her pajamas wielding a hose on her terrified dog.  I can give thanks for the ways the swarm is vanquished and the back yard made safe again.

But, as poet Jane Kenyon so powerfully states, it might have been otherwise.

We are safe for this moment.  Thanks be.

1 thought on “moment by moment

  1. I had a moment like that last night! Completely different situation, but the same “chaos in the midst of idyllic life” kind of deal. In fact, I already have the blog post ready to go for 9/22…so you can read about it there.

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