past blast

One of the child scroungers who live in this house found a relic from my past.

It is a tape from a band their dad and I were in for four years.  The band was called “Northwind”.  We were a five piece band playing all the hot spots in Stevens Point, Wisconsin in the mid ’80’s.

Oh my.  I hear the tape and I’m transported to another place and time nearly 30 years ago.

That band was a flat-out hoot.  We were good.  We loved to have fun.  We played as a house band at the Holiday Inn in town, which meant that we played six nights a week until 2:00 AM, got up and went to work, and did it again the next night.  We played weddings and New Years Eves and company parties and in bars and making music with good people was good good work.

Watching my son experience this tape is great fun.  He’s trying to be appreciative between guffaws.

What it does for me is remarkable.  I’m torn between laughing, wincing, and weeping.  So much has happened in the between years.  Babies were born, cities moved to, degrees earned, and so much life lived.

But I think that if I were able to be on stage with those men again, I’d know every song, every harmony, and love every minute of making that music again.

But I’m not sure playing the trumpet was the grooviest best idea…

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