A day in the life

What do pastors do?  Well, on this Tuesday I:

Met with the Nominations Committee to staff all committees.

Wrote worship for two services.

Spoke with a parishioner about a pastoral care concern.

Interviewed an incoming intern and discerned with him how to match his gifts with the needs of the church.

Dropped in on a birthday party for one of our small group leaders.

Fine-tuned a job description for a full-time Spiritual Formation Director. Planned for how and where to post said position.

Answered tons of emails and questions.

Recruited some children’s sermon providers.

Ran a staff meeting; more birthday cake for a staff birthday (hard work, someone has to do it!).

Had a meeting with a parent about baptism.

Wrote articles for the newsletter.

Prepped for a Bible study class on Isaiah.

Made hospital calls.

I think that is it.

Part of what makes the vocation of ministry so fulfilling for me is the jumble of gifts that get tapped and adventures that get entered into.

A day in the life is never dull.



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