Being felled is such good.

It has been a tumultuous sort of time for me.  I’ve been bumped physically and professionally (fear not, all is well) over the past month or so.  Both created tailspin of great introspection and self-searching about life and my being in it.

And, both brought to the forefront of my being the importance of reflections of the Holy in human form.  There are many of us – I surely am one – who get rolling in life and the tasks and duties of the day become so intense that the sacred stuffs of relationships get put on the to-do list of some future day when there is time for such seemingly non-essential tending.

Foolishness, that.  What I discovered when faced with recent challenges is the stunning beauty of hearts and ears open and able to hear pain.  Sitting in the company of those willing to mid-wife wisdom through the power of their presence and care is reminder to me that relationships are the core of any richness I might name.

I am blessed.  I am blessed with people who are able to hear pain and listen without seeking to solve.  I am blessed with people who know well that answers are to be lived into and questions sometimes the most holy of teachers.

Human beings crave a sense of belonging.  We need a place we can call spirit home; a place where, as Parker Palmer puts it, “it is safe for the soul to show up”.  I am held in many such places.

As I name my gratitudes, the circles of care that sustain and hold shine in my heart.  May it be so for us each.

May it be so.

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