This weekend we celebrated evangelism through bounce house and band.

On Saturday our church parking lot was swarming with a rainbow of neighbors who came to pet animals, eat popcorn and soak in funky music.  We hosted a community carnival as a way to welcome folks into the flat-out fun that is community in Christ.  There were local celebrities in the dunk tank, church-made egg rolls and grins all around.  Four hours and a sunburn later, I went home via the air.  My heart was lofted.

This morning we led worship at the Lake Harriet band shell.  On the stage were an amazing assortment of musicians and two oh-so-giddy Pastors.  In the benches were church folk and neighbors who were there to take in the opportunity to praise God with a sailboat regatta backdrop.  The swallows in the rafters of the band shell joined in the song of thanks and together we celebrated life in the wonder of creation and community. The potluck that followed was shared with all who had hunger.  We met new people.  We broke bread in an elemental meal of abundant thanksgiving.

Again, the road back to home was flown.

It is so good to peel back the walls of the church and share the heart that beats through our ministry.  It is so good to share who we are and what it is that grounds us.

We reached out not through some grim sense of ought but because we are so blessed we can’t sing or taste it enough.

Holy play makes for good.  It was a romping weekend.

It was church.

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