Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

One of the small groups at church is exploring the beatitudes; the series of blessings Jesus lays out as part of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew.

The “purity” word is a loaded one.  It has become so nuanced with the things that our culture has taught us are un pure – namely, the expressions of body sexual in nature.  So two great things – sex and the concept of purity – get marred in one fell swoop.

As with most things, it’s bigger than our containers, this notion of purity.  Purity of heart has to do with honest reflection and willingness to turn and come to know ourselves in the company of the Holy.  A great line I ran across lately seems to say it all:  “Everything you are, God already knows and loves”.  So why work so creatively at dodging both self and God?

Tonight, I was in the presence of  hearts purely shining.  We gathered for Lenten contemplative worship in the chapel.  We are embracing a Benedictine-type service of Word, prayer, silence, and communion.  It’s only half an hour in length but oh, the opportunity to share the sound of silence together in the shine of candles is holy gift.

The world is swirling around us with messages of fear and wrench but for a time we opened our seeking-to-be-open hearts to our gracious God.

Blessed, indeed.

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