Well, the last “amen” has sounded and I’m off for a week in the sun.

I love packing.  It is intriguing to see what are the essentials of my life.  The first and most essential travel good is Cooper.  That one I have covered.  Next on the choosing roster is books.  Anticipating the perfect reads for unstructured time is a romp.  I almost always pillage a book store while away, since books bought in exotic places seem even more delicious.  But, leaving home without companion reads is unthinkable.  Next in importance are what it is I will wear that will free and bless.  Given that I am expecting to live with the maximum amount of sun on my skin, the clothes aspect is easy:  not much.

Get-to-know yourself gurus talk a lot about what it is we pack in the bag that is our life.  Vacations bring that whole issue to the front line.  As for me, what I pack for vacation is magnification of what I am blessed to live in my life.

I live in the company of people who remind me who I am.  I live in the company of ideas and poetry given voice by others.  I live in the company of my own being and I adorn it as I choose.  That’s life.

I live.  For the next week or so, I will live in the blow of the wind and the warm of the sun.  I want for every pore to be open.  Not just on vacation, but through every day I am blessed to live.


1 thought on “packing

  1. Love it! I packed little … bought a little … and for books brought my Nook … can always add more books! And I brought my prayer shawl knitting … working on a prayer shawl for our ministry is also a ministry to me … amazing healing while I knit.

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