It’s Valentine’s Day!

I am sitting in a coffee shop in the booming metropolis of Moose Lake. Having been rendered a ski widow (Cooper took off with friends for a much-good skiing weekend) I decided to visit my mom after church on Sunday.

Being in Duluth is always good soul medicine for me.  My mom has an apartment feet away from the bay (Lake Superior, for the geography impaired).  This means she never has to close curtains.  The presence of the lake and its power and mystery are constant companion.  Sitting in her living room the lights of the ore boats and harbor are all the entertainment I need.

And, being in her company is a bit of crawling into the lap of letting go.  She likes me.  I like her.  Together, we get to talk about things that years have made possible.  It is good.

On my way home to Minneapolis, I did a swing-through hug of my little sister, and then find myself here.  I tell myself it is for a coffee fuel-up before the drive, but really, it is hard for me to rush through the land of my cabin.

As I entered the coffee shop, I ran into a retired clergy person and his wife.  They are members of the church I used to serve.  On my window sill in my office sits a bird he carved out of wood scavenged from the cabin lake I have so long loved.

It was good catching up with them.  They had health tales to relate and we caught up a bit.  Most precious to me was the shine in their eyes and the mutual appreciation we shared.  We were worship kin for years.  That kind of dance never dies.

In parting, they had this to say:  God doesn’t put anyone in our lives that isn’t meant to be there.

On this Valentine’s Day, I say “amen” (or “ah-women”).  The people put in our lives are those who are the very best teachers of love we could ask to encounter.  Our teachers are not always of our choosing, but teach they do, if we are willing to open ourselves to their lessons.

So I give thanks.  I give thanks for a coffee shop that allows me to linger a bit in the holy land.  I give thanks for eyes that light and hearts that remain connected.  I give thanks for the teachers of love in my life.

Blessed am I among women.

And – get this – it is Mocha Monday!!!!!!

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